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You can use this page to search my database of CLUETT / CLEWETT names. This database contains data collated by myself and also material submitted by others. In the latter case,  an e-mail address will be given in the final column which you can use to contact the person who sent me the data, should you so wish.

Enter any combination of given name, surname, year, etc. (or part of any of these) in any order, separated by spaces. The search is not case-sensitive and returns entries containing all the search terms.

For example, if you want any entries mentioning "John Cluett in the 1880s" simply enter "John Cluett 188" - or if you want any variant of the surname, for this period simply enter "John 188" (in either case without the quote signs).

Obviously this simple search approach will pick up a few irrelevant entries, such as for example a reference to a census piece RG11/1888 but these will be obvious!

Terms to Search For:

Tip! The more precise you are in the search, the less likely you are to find the person if the terms in the search string aren't exactly right, so it is often better to enter less precise or even partial terms - you may get a longer list of possibles, but are generally more likely to find the person you want.

Please help the development of this facility by sending comments and suggestions especially if you find any errors! If you have any Cluett / Clewett data not already in the database, please contact me to get details of how to submit it.

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Page last updated: 9 Febuary 2024