The Anjou Pedigree

The following was copied from a Pedigree bought from GOODSPEED'S Bookshop, Boston Mass. USA, in 1973. Originally published by ANJOU in 1900, probably for an emigrant member of the family to that place. Some comments have been added by the person supplying me with this pedigree. Whether or not Benedict was connected to those that follow can only be conjecture, but the document does give a good illustration of the diversity of names. Since I have not seen the original I have no way of knowing whether there are any inaccuracies in the copying but it would be surprising if there were not some. I would love to see the original pedigree! If you come across it, please let me know!

In the index to the parish registers of St. Vedant, Foster Lane, London and at St. Michael le Quern, London will be found under: Cluett or Clyatt, Cluat, Cluett, Clues, Clowes, Clough, Clowh, Cluagh, Clugh. References to records of births, marriages and deaths, which all refer to the same family.

It will be found as we proceed that the name has been written in a number of forms, e.g.: (additional to those above) De Cloue, del Cloue, del Clogh, del Cliff, Clough, Cloghe, Cloof, Cloete, Cloude, Cloffe, Cluff, Clyff, Clugh, Cliffe, Cluf, Cleut, Clud, Clude, Cluite, Clueuer, Clevfar, Cleeuer, Cleuer, Clever, Clew, Clues, Clews, Clewett, Clewitt, Clyatt, Clyett and Cluet.

To a student of nomenclature, this will not appear unusual. Surnames were adopted at a later period, few persons could write even their own name, documents of every conceivable character were written by clerks, who in the majority of instances wrote all names phonetically, as it happened to be pronounced in the different localities.

Del Cloue, consequently, easily becomes del Clough, and Clough was written Clough in one place and Cluff in another. Cluth quickly became Cluth, {an obvious error ?} and Cluth soon was written Cluet. There are many instances, as will be shown, where the parish clerk at different periods wrote the names of the children on the same man and wife in a number of ways, and frequently these children were know afterwards by different surnames, so far as the spelling thereof was concerned, although the pronunciations often was the same.

That's these observations are justified, the following data will amply prove, the original spelling always being retained. It will be noticed, however, that there are no violent changes, but that these occur gradually, as different clerks wrote the record.

The name occurs first in Staffordshire in the year 1327, when we find that BENEDICT del CLOU, of Heton and THOMA del CLOU, of Lowe, were taxed for a subsidy vs. each. (Subsidy Rolls 1327 Staffordshire)

In the year 1332, it occurs in Lancashire with:
ROB del CLOGH, of Wrightington 
ALICIA del CLOGH, of Read.
(who appear in an Exchequer Lay Subsidy Roll, Lancashire)

ROGER de CLOUE was a Rector of Kynefare (Kinver) in 1361, as appears from a Lichfield Episcopal Register, Staffordshire, where he is mentioned a "absent for one year".
The Manor of CLEUT, Staffordshire, is mentioned in a Plea Roll, De Banco, 9 H.V., Trin. 1421.

ROBERTO CLOGH, Clerico, is remembered with cs. In the will of DOM. Henrici Bowet, probated October 26 1423.
WILHELMUS CLUDD de COTLEY in a record refers to his Uncle (patruus), i.e. Father's Brother,
(York Reg., B., fo.216b.)

HUG. CLOUGH de Minsterley, Co. Salop, a history of which family will now be given.

A pedigree of the CLUDDS of Clottley will be found in:
This family descended from one RICHARDUS CLUDD, who married a daughter of a Brererton of Brererton. They long occupied Orleton Manor, Salop in Wrockwardine parish.

Of the CLOUGH of Minsterley, Co. Salop, we know the names only of the first five generations, which will be found in:
where the arms are given as:
Gules, three pine-apples -ipped argent, a martlet for difference.

The first five generations, as given. Were:

De Minsterley, Co. Salop, who had

De Insterley, who, with wife ELIZABETH, daughter of WILLIAM MUNNELEY had son

De Minsterley, who married "filia CONGRAVE", and had

De Minsterley, Co. Salop, who had

Who married ISABELLA, filia WILHELMI NUNNELEY, and had:
1. THOMAS, of whom presently,

De Minsterley, married JOHANNA, daughter of WILHELMI DOWNTON, and had:
1. ROBERTUS, de Minsterley, who married
First, ISABELLA, filia WALTERI LINGEN filii JOH. Filii JOH. LINGEN, and had issue:

i. RICHARD, de Lock Hockstow, Co. Salop, who married MARG., filia HUGONIS RATHBONE de STONE, relict of a BROWNE of Hockstow, and had:

a. THOMAS, de H., who m. JOHANNA, filia WILHELMI SCARLETT, and had a son RICHARD and a daughter KATHERINE, who married HUMFREY OWEN de Shrewsbury.
ii. EDMUND, de Minsterley, who married Katherine, filia THOMAS JENINS de Walibone:o.s.p.,
iii. Franciscus, fratr. Et haer. EDMUNDUS (brother and heir of EDMUNDUS), who married MARGARET Am filia THOMAS JENNINS de Wallibone, sister to Sir Wm. Gennings, Kt., and had 11 children.
iv. HENRICUS, de Kent
v. GEORGIUS, de London
vi. JACOSA, who married ROGER BEANES (BAYNES) of Shrewsbury,
vii. ALICIA, who married LEON PROWD, of Sutton,
viii. ELEANOR, who married NICH. DETHIELS,
ix. ANNA, who marriede HENRY CORBERT de Newton,
x. JANA, who married THOMAS BURLEY de Malhurst,

ROBERTUS CLOUGH married secondly:

xi. THOMAS de Minsterley, who married REBECCA, filia THOMAE JENINGS de Shrewsbury, and had:

a. RICHARDUS, born 1597, who married FRANCISCA, filia EDMUNDI Hall de Sneed, Co. Montgomery, and had tow daughters, SARA and ELIZABETH, and a son, EDMUND, born in 1622;
d. CECILIS ux.THOS. CROWES de Kinges Pewen, Herefordshire.

[Issue of THOMAS CLOUGH continued]
2. RICHARD of whom presently,
3. THOMAS, of Gislingham, Suffolk, who married SARA LACY, and had:
i. THOMAS, of St. Edmundsbury, Suffolk.
ii. WILLIAM, of London, a merchant in 1633.
iii. JOHN, of St. Edmundsbury.

This branch of the CLOUGH of Aldgate Ward, London, bore armory:

Sable a fess humet ermine between three lion's heads ar.
Crest: A demi lion issuant or and erm. Holding a battleaux sa.blade ar.

Exactly the same arms were born by the CLOWES family of London, a member of which was Surgeon to Queen Elizabeth and King James. As a difference, there is a 
Chevron ermine instead of the fees, and a bordure or has been added.
The Lion is vert, crowned or; the battleaux or, point argent.
(Visitation of London, 1633)

4. JOHN, who married Jane, daughter of Mr. Stoneley, and had:
i. ROBERT, a barrister of Gray's Inn, who married ELIZABETH daughter of JOHN GREEN, Horsforth, near Leads, and had:

a. EDMUND justice of the peace and treasurer for lame soldiers 1624: of Thorp Hall, Lancashire, who married 1st., FRANCES daughter of Sir MAJOR VAVASOUR, of Weston, and 2nd, Margaret, daughter of ROGER LEPTON, relict of Sir GEO. Alis. Their son, Major CLOUGH married a daughter of Marmaduke Blakiston of Monk Fryston, and sold the estate Thorp Hall.
[This family bore the same armory as blazoned before]


"fil. THOMAE CLOUGH et JOHANNA, ux. Ejus" [son of T.C. and J., his wife], was a pewterer, when he married, May 3 1556 in London, JONE daughter of WILLIAM CARTER, of St. Dionis Backchurch, London, from whom he inherited a messuage and tenement in that parish.

He was later on a bedell of ye pewterers hall, and died January 27 1558/59, leaving with his wife, who died a widow, April 16 1563, issue:
(Man.Rec., penes Carter, Rec. of the Pewterers, St. Dionis Registers)

1. THOMAS, b. February 18 1557, of whom presently,
2. WILLIAM CLYATT, b. December 24 1557, who married, as late of St. Dionis Backchurch parish London, son of RICHARD CLEWETT deceased, MARGARET, daughter of ROBERT SMITH of St. Nicholas parish, Ipswich, Suffolk, to which place he removed, and where he had children baptised:
i. WILLM., bt. Aug 12 1599
ii. JOHN, bt. Aug 2 1602
iii. ROBTE, bt. Oct 9 1603
iv. SAMUEL, b. May 8 1606

SAMUEL CLYATT married in 1649 ELIZABETH HARTUNG, of Gray's Inn. Middlesex, and was alive when his son:
a. JOHN of Ipswich Suffolk b. 1652 married Apr 4 1682 Mrs ELIZABETH DOUEUREUX.
b. SAMUEL of St. Stephen Coleman Street, a clockmaker, had a daughter PENELOPE CLYATT who married March 23 1693/94 THOMAS PENFORD of St. Michael le Quern, London, citizen and stationer. 
(Par.Reg., Mar. Lic. Vicar Gen. Archb. Of Canterbury.)


[CLUAT, or CLEWETT, as his name was written], b. February 18 1557, resided for some time at Orlton, Co. Salop where he had inherited some property through his wife, ELIZABETH daughter of JAMES SIMPSON. 

JAMES SIMPSON conveyed THOMAS CLEWETT, son-in-law and ELIZABETH his wife, one messuage, one garden, 18 acres of arable land, 4 acres of meadow, 3 of furze and heath with appurtenances in Orlton. Consideration 40.
(Fines, Salop. 23 Eliz)
1. JAMES b. May 5 1580 of whom presently.
2. Elizabeth b. March 12 1581 married [as ELIZABETH daughter of THOMAS CLUD of Orlton, Co. Salop] Wm. Leech OF Chester who died November 27 1618 and was buried in St. Michael's Church.

(Cheshire Fun. Certif.)
3. PETER b. January 19 1582 married November 7 1603 Agnes daughter of NICHOLAS CARTER, and had:

i. WILLIAM b. September 1604, married MARY WHARTON and had:

(St. James Clerkenwell Reg.)
a. ELIZABETH bt. April 23 1649 [dau. Of Wm. CLYETT & MARY] ;
b. WILLIAM bt. May 23 1656 [s.of Wm/ CLIFFE & MARY];
c. THOMAS b.1657 had with wife ELIZABETH;
= Wm. [CLUGH}, bt. March 15 1690
= THOMAS [CLOUGH] bt. April 2 1693
= MARY [CLYETT] bt. February 26 1698.

d. RICHARD b. October 11 1690 married January 4 1709, HESTER daughter of TIMOTHY READ and had:
= JUDETH bt. May 13 1710. Bur. June 16 1712
= RICHARD bt. June 9 1712,
= TIMOTHY bt. February 4 1714, bur. September 28 1753, all surnamed CLOUGH and as children of RICHARD CLOUGH and HESTER:
= HESTER bt. January 1 1715 [dau.of RICHARD CLOFFE and HESTER] bur. As HESTER CLOUGH of St John St., March 15 1715.
= Ann [CLOUGH] bt. April 14 1717.
= ROBERT bt. July 12 1719.
= ELIZABETH bt. May 5 1723.
= Isabella bt. October 3 1725.

e. ROBERT who with wife Ann had:
= Anne [dau. Of ROB. & Ann CLOUGH] bt. August 12 1723.
= Sarah [dau.of ROBERT and Anne CLUFF] bt. September 22 1728.

ii. EDWARD b. July 13 1605 married July 31 1636 JANE MOULTON;
iii. PHILIP b. April 26 1606 married ELIZABETH TAYLOR of Kirk Ella, Yorkshire, removed thither, and was buried there as PHILIP CLYET, May 26 1668; his widow ELIZABETH CLYET was buried there November 3 1669;
iv. NICHOLAS b. March 4 1607, a mariner of Shadwell, who was NICHOLAS CLEVIT married MARGARET PHILLIPS September 12 1635 in St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex and had a son:
= JOHN [CLUITT] who married as of Limehouse also a mariner, SUSANNA CHAPMAN May 20 1684;


B. May 5 1580 married September 12 1607, ELIZABETH daughter of EDWARD MARTIN and had issue:
(St. Vedant, Foster Lane, Reg.)

1. EDWARD bt. July 6 1608.
2. JAMES [CLUATT] bt. January 5 1609
3. FRANCISCUS bt. January 1 1610
4. ELIZABETH bt. October 4 1612
5. ANNE bt. AUGUST 17 1614
6. ELIZABETH bt. Oct 18 1615
7. SARA bt. June 5 1617
8. RICHARD bt. August 2 1618 and again entered February 25 1618 [sonne of JAMES CLUETT
9. WILLIAM b. May 4 1620 of whom presently.
10. ROBERT b. February 19 1621 [ROBERT CLUETT married ELIZABETH JEANES of St. Allbridge, Lydlinch Dorset Reg. (This should be Stallbridge) Mr ROBERT CLYASTT, free of the Weavers, was buried in the New Vault, St, Vedant, Foster Lane, May 1 1697: (St Michael le Quern Reg.)
Edward Martin, be deed, s.d., grants to JAMES CLUAT of St. Vedant, London all his house and messuages with appurtenances, which SARAH MARTIN formerly held of him, as of her dower, August 4 1611.
(Charters, Howard C.ix,3)

JAMES CLYAT grants to his mother, ELIZABTH CLUD, the above property, June 6 1612 and ELIZABETH CLUEDD, widow, dated May 3 1635, grants to her grandsons, WILLIAM and ROBART CLUETT, youngest sons of my son, JAMES CLUAT when of age, all rent issuant from the above tenements and messuages.
Ibid. (M.xxiii,19.)

JAMES CLUAT appears in a recognizance for the appearance of JOHN STOKES, Yeoman, at the sessions.
(Session Rolls, 12 Jas.I)

TROYCHYS EDWARDS, servant to JAMES CLUATT, was buried at St. Vedant March 11 1617.

B. May 4 1620 married august 5 1647 MARGARET, daughter of THOMAS ABBOTT of Lydlinch Co. Dorset and removed thither with his brother ROBERT whose wife ELIZABETH JEANES, also was of a Dorsetshire family. Had issue:
1. Mary [dau. Of Wm. CLUET and MARGERY ABBOT of Bagber, Lydlinch parish; bt. December 8 1648.
2. ELIZABETH bt. December 8 1650, bur. February 4 1652.
3. WILLIAM bt. April 28 1652, bur. February 7 1653/54.
4. WILLIAM bt. March 4 1656.
MARGERY, wife of WILLIAM CLUET of Bagber, was buried March 11 1656.

WILLIAM CLUET married secondly, April 7 1658 MARY daughter of GEORGE CONLEY and had:

5. ANN bt. January 1659
6. ELIZABETH bt. December 3 1661
7. THOMAS bt. March 13 1663/64; married JOHANNA HACHETT and had and had a son;
i. MARTIN [CLEWET] of All Hallows, Dorset who married April 30 (20 Regs. At SRO) 1729 at Ellingham, MARY LOADER.
(Mar. Lic. Winchester)
{Martin was a Husbandman - Mary was of Fordingbridge - Hants Alleg of Marr. Lics. Vol. I, 1689 - 1837}

8. JOHN bt. June 26 1666.
9. JOANE bt. October 9 1670.
10. MARGARET buried June 28 1671 [dau. Of Wm. CLUET]
11. GEORGE Bt. April 27 1673 of whom presently.

MARY CLUET widow of Bagber, in Parish Sturminster, was buried May 15 1693.
WILLIAM CLUETT on October 23 1647, grants to RICHARD CLUATT of St. Vedant, Foster Lane, London and his male issue, his house, tenement, messuages, one toft, with appurtenances, which he had from his grandmother, ELIZABETH CLUDD by deed of May 3 1635.
(Dorset Rec. xiv.m.9)


Bapt. April 27 1673 in Lydlinch, Dorset, married January 11 1709 Mary, daughter of DANIEL WILLIAMS and had issue:
1. DANIEL bt. November 27 1710
2. GEORGE b. September 1711, married March 20 1733 Mary, daughter of GEORGE HARVEY and had:
i. ANN bt. December 9 1734
ii. MARY bt. March 19 1735
iii. GEORGE bt. September 26 1740 married February 9 1775 ANN MILLER and had:
a. ANN bt. January 26 1777
b. BETTY bt. April 16 1780
iv. WILLIAM Bt. September 26 1744

3. Thomas b. June 19 1712 of whom presently.
4. John bt. November 28 1716 married May 8 1737 RACHEL daughter of THOMAS WHARTON and had a son:

i. Thomas bt. September 2 1738 who married EBIT [IBIT - IBBETT - EBE] and had issue:

a. WILLIAM bt. July 4 1784
b. ANNA MARIA March 2 1788
c. WILLIAM bt. March 7 1790
d. JOHN bt. May 1 1791
e. THOMAS bt. March 17 1795
f. JAMES bt. February 11 1798
g. EDWARD bt. January 11 1801

5. MARY bt. October 11 1718
(Lydlinch Reg.)


b. June 19 1712, married April 10 1738 SARAH daughter of HENRY and HESTER AUSTIN of Chippenham, Wiltshire and had issue:
(Lydlinch Reg.)

1. HENRY bt. May 5 1739
2. ELIZABETH bt. November 14 1743
3. HESTER bt. December 25 1745
4. THOMAS b. October 3 1746 of whom presently.

HENRY AUSTIN of Chippenham, Wiltshire on September 7 1739, grants to THOMAS CLUET of Lydlinch, Dorset, a messuage, a cottage, one toft, one garden, 4 acres of meadow, two acres of pasture in Tewkesbury, Gloucester.
(Man. Rec.)

THOMAS CLUET Junior, on May 3 1767 declares that in 1765 THOMS CLUETT Senior, had demised to him the lands in Tewkesbury, Gloucester (above described), for the lives of himself and his male issue, lawfully begotten, at the yearly rental of eleven pounds.
(Courts of Claims, Petit. 1489)

Henry CLUETT of Lydlinch, Co. Dorset, Yeoman, for the love and affection I still retain for my Friend and Brother THOMAS CLUETT Junior, appoint said THOMAS my attorney to sell my tenement and messuage with appurtenances in Rugeley, Staffordshire, granted to me by WILLIAM BALDREY and JANE his wife, September 8 1761. Dated October 1 1761.
(Deeds, s.f. 82)


b. October 3 1746, called Junior, married November 3 1767 ELIZABETH, daughter of WILLIAM PRICE, of Coseley, Staffordshire, and ELIZABETH AUSTIN, daughter of GEORGE AUSTIN and MARGARET of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Had two children:

1. WILLIAM b. August 26 1768 of whom presently.
2. GEORGE b. December 19 1773 who married July 12 1805, ELEANOR daughter of JOSEPH WHEELER, and had:
(Lydlinch Reg.)

a. GEORGE bt. August 10 1806
b. NANCY bt. November 22 1807
c. JOSEPH bt. November 22 1812

THOMAS CLUETT The Younger, had in 1765 a grant of lands in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, from his father THOMAS CLUETT Sr., was in 1761 appointed attorney to sell certain lands in Rugeley, Staffordshire, belonging to his brother Henry CLUET of Lydlinch, Dorset.

GEORGE AUSTIN and MARGARET his wife, on November 11 1767, grant to THOMAS CLUETT Jr., of Lydlinch, Co. Dorset, a messuage, a garden, an orchard, four acres of arable land and a house, all situated in Coseley, Staffordshire.
(Deeds, Howard, lxv,182)

THOMAS CLUETT and ELIZABETH his wife, on May 3 1801 grant to their daughter ELIZABETH, wife of RICVHARD NEWTON, rent issuant out of a tenement and messuage in St Giles, Cripplegate, London.
(Ibid. xxii,16)

3. ELIZABETH b. October 16 1776, married August 4 1799 RICHARD NEWTON of St. Giles Cripplegate Without, son of JOHN NEWTON and JANE AUSTIN of St. George, Hanover Square [descended from a Shifnal, Shropshire family.


b. August 26 1768, married October 12 1790, Mary, daughter of CHARLES HARRIS of Bilston, Staffordshire and JANE AUSTIN of the Oaken Gates, Parish of Idsall, (Shifnell), Shropshire.

He and his wife lived during the latter part of his life in Bilston Parish. Four of their children were baptised in Lydlinch, Dorset.

1. KITTY bt. August 21 1791
2. MARIA bt. April 11 1793
3. CHARLES bt. July 15 1796
4. HARRY bt. December 16 1799
5. ANN b or bt. August 7 1802 Tewkesbury Gloucestershire. This detail was added by my cousin in USA from a source stated to be a "Will to decd. In Somerset". There is no further explanation. 
6. WILLIAM bt. In Worsfold, Shropshire, December 12 1806 [ a few miles south of Shifnall], of whom presently.


Bt. In Worsfield, Shropshire December 1806, married ANN BYWATER and had:

1. EMILY b. September 1830.
2. JOHN WILLIAMS Alfred b. June 10 1834.
3. MARY HARRIS b. May 18 1836
4. GEORGE BYWATER b. November 21 1838 of whom presently.
5. EDMUND b. October 1 1840
6. FREDERICK Henry b. May 2 1842
7. ROBERT b. June 14 1844


b. November 21 1838 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, married June 4 1867 AMANDA R. daughter of AUSTIN GREY FISHER and had issue:

1. WALTER HERBERT b. February 26 1870
2. NELLIE AGNES b. October 22 1871.
3. ERNEST HAROLD b. July 13 1874.
4. GEORGE BYWATER b. April 17 1876
5. ALFONZO ROCKWELL b. December 2 1878
6. BEATRICE b. January 16 1886.


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